Obama furious over Trump dealing with Corona, leaked audio call revealed

Washington: Former US President Barack Obama has targeted current President Donald Trump in dealing with the Coronavirus. Obama has said that a completely chaotic disaster has spread in America.

America has been badly hit by the Corona virus. The highest number of deaths have been reported here with virus infection. Cases of virus infection in the US have crossed 13 million. More than 80 thousand deaths have occurred here due to the virus. Obama has attacked Trump for this situation of America.

Obama's web call leaked

A web call from Barack Obama targeting Trump has been leaked. After which this information has been revealed. Barack Obama was addressing some former colleagues of his administration in a web call. He has also said that the Justice Department's decision to drop the charges against Trump's former defense adviser Michael Flynn has jeopardized US law. Michael Flynn was found accused of lying before the FBI in the Russia case.

Yahoo News has received Obama's web call. In this, Obama is telling his former staffer that all those who come together to win Biden. Joe Biden is about to challenge incumbent President Donald Trump for the US presidential election in November.

Trump administration has failed to deal with Corona

The Trump administration's methods of dealing with the Corona virus are being criticized. His leadership is being questioned. It is being said that the Trump administration has completely failed in dealing with the epidemic. The condition of the country has become so bad that there is a shortage of necessary medical equipment and it has to be imported from outside countries.

Critics are saying that at first Donald Trump delayed dealing with the epidemic. When the virus spread in the US in February, the Trump administration neither stocked the testing kit nor did anything to formulate other medical devices and strategies to combat the epidemic.

Critics are saying that more than the epidemic, Trump is worried about the coming presidential election. Therefore, they want to open the country as soon as possible. No blue print has been prepared for this so that there is least danger of opening the country.

Obama has said that we are fighting this battle selfishly, we are adopting old ways, divided and seeing each other as an enemy. This has been the strongest aspect of American life. This is the reason why the ability of the whole world to deal with this crisis is so weak and scattered.

Obama has said that it would be bad for even the best governments. Because of this mentality, a completely chaotic disaster is being faced. What will happen if the government starts working in such a way that what is there for me and leave the rest like that.

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