Sino-France jointly run Wuhan's lab, American institution only tests equipment

Beijing China has also become aggressive after US President Donald Trump and Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo attributed the Wuhan Lab to Coronavirus. China issued a statement on Thursday saying that China and France jointly run the Wuhan lab. China said that the people who reduce labs also get training from France and American institutions also check the lab's standards. However, China is still silent on the proposal of the World Health Organization (WHO) to investigate the allegations.

On the other hand, accusing US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo of fabricating the epidemic with the Wuhan virus-lab as a lie, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying sought to divert attention by saying that the lab had a connection with France. Reacting to Pompeo's allegations, Hua said, "They probably do not yet know that the P4 Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) lab is a joint project of the Sino-French government and has developed international standards in its design, construction and management." Has followed.

Wuhan lab technicians take training in France

Chunying said, "The first group of employees were trained in a French lab." In addition, he said that lab equipment are tested every year from recognized institutions, including American institutions. Hua again asked Pompio to present the 'concrete evidence' available to him to prove that the corona virus had originated from Wuhan's lab. He said, 'He himself is cutting his point. He is hiding a lie and telling lies. Everyone knows this. Significantly, US President Donald Trump and Foreign Minister Pompeo have claimed that this deadly virus originated from Wuhan Institute of Virology and started from there.

On the statement of Trump said - We are not enemies

On President Trump's statement that the Kovid-19 attack is bigger than Pearl Harbor during World War II and the terrorist attack on September 1, 2001, Hua said that if so, it is the enemy Corona virus, not China. He said, 'If it is being compared to Pearl Harbor and 9/11 attacks, then the enemy facing America is Corona virus. America should fight this enemy shoulder to shoulder with China because, only solidarity effort is the defense against this virus. Hua said, "But unfortunate, we are seeing some American officials blaming, and we believe this is wrong."

Hua said that while China has overcome the virus in two months, despite being a highly developed country, America has not been successful in doing so yet. Since the first case of Kovid-19, which occurred in central China in Wuhan in December, 1.2 million American citizens have been infected so far and more than 73 thousand Americans have died. However, Hua did not say anything specific about the World Health Organization (WHO) investigation regarding the onset of corona virus. When questioned about reports that Chinese Ambassador Chen Shu in Geneva-based UN institutions has supported the WHO investigation, Hua said, "We have never said that we oppose the WHO." We are supporting the work of WHO. We are cooperating with the WHO in a very transparent way including tracking the beginning.

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