Trump's personal servant found Corona positive, President said - Now I will do daily tests

Washington. A personal servant of US President Donald Trump has been found to be Coronavirus. This man belongs to the US Navy and was posted in the President's personal service. Although a statement issued by the White House said that there is nothing to worry, Trump's test has come negative at present. After this incident, Trump has said that from now on he will undergo a corona infection (Covid-19) test once daily.

According to the information received, the person found positive is part of an elite unit of the military that looks after the family of the President. This unit often works very close to the President and his family. It is being told that Trump also expressed a lot of anger after the personal servant was found to be corona infected. The White House issued a statement saying - We have come to know from the medical unit that a person belonging to the US Army who was working as a personal servant with the Trump family has been found to be Corona positive. After this, the President and the Vice President have also been tested and both have been found to be negative.

What was the job of this person?

According to CNN, the man, who was found infected, assisted him in the personal work of the First Family. He was responsible for arranging the food of the President. He often stayed with the President even during his visit. In this person, signs of corona infection were seen on Wednesday, after which the medical unit underwent a ska test and it was found infected. Experts say that reaching the White House of infection is not good news. A test is being conducted for all those people who came in contact with this person. It is also being investigated that from where this person got infected.

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